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Land surveying is often a very misunderstood profession. To assume that a visible marker is definitely your property corner, or to take the word of someone other than a professional land surveyor regarding the location of your boundary line is a very risky practice. It can result in a pending lawsuit if that information is in error.

Since any transaction involving land involves an important investment, it is beneficial for you to understand the scope of the service that you receive for your cost when you order a survey. A land survey can be very technical and complex.. involving proper interpretation of boundary law, technical analysis of measurements and mathematical data, and decisions regarding the evidence found on the property. The fee for a land survey includes time researching deeds and court records, time spent on the property locating physical evidence, computations for your boundary determination, placement of monuments on your property, and the time for preparing a survey map.

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In today's market, your land is likely your most valuable investment. Don't jeopardize that investment - have your property surveyed. Your realtor or lender will be the first to tell you that you can't be sure of your boundaries without a survey. A land survey will show the property boundary, the location of buildings and other improvements, utilities, zoning areas, setbacks, flood hazard areas, easements of record, and many other issues that can directly affect your purchase.

High Country Surveyors has been serving the western North Carolina area for almost 30 years. We can provide every surveying service that you may need in a timely and professional manner.